These bats are graded according to specific criterea.

Volcano, Fireball, Fireflight (available at Sportsmans Warehouse stores) Scorch (available from independent retailers), Fireblade, Limited Edition and Supreme

The face is covered in Fibre tape to give protection to the English willow blade to allow players access to the better performance obtained from this wood at the lowest possible price .Available from size 00 to SH

Designed with durability in mind. Maintaining more than acceptable performance from a bat with a coated back of the blade and a face covered in clear anti-scuff. Excellent value for school and team players and indoor cricketers. Available f

Excellent value-for money option! High-grade English willow with good balance and increased strike zone. Blade bowed for maximum performance. Weight evenly distributed to ensure superb feel and pick-up. Available from size 3–SH.

Essentially designed and shaped like the Limited Edition using high-grade willow. This is the bat for the team player looking for good performance at a more affordable price. Available from size 3–SH.

A really special bat made by our master bat-maker from selected grade 1 English willow. Redistributed weight with a massive sweet spot. Only beautifully grained, faultless willow is used. Less than 1% of total production will qualify as a S

Handcrafted from grade 1 English willow for SH bats and top quality youth willow. Designed to provide increased hitting power in the strike zone without compromising on the balance of the bat. Available from size 3–SH.